Frame Machines & Tutorials

Frame contraptions created by RedPower users

Frames for Dummies video

by SparcMan
Good video tutorial showing the basics of Frames and how they operate in particular configurations.

Frame Door created using Kaevators SuperSlopes

By Duck5200
Door in open position
external image 2012-05-16_19.37.43.png
Door in closed position
external image 2012-05-16_19.37.54.png
Wiring and other pics coming soon

4-directional Moving Platform (6x6x6)

(By JS0)

This platform from frames can move in 4 directions (forward, backward, right, left). It uses caterpillar engine with single-axle design. Other devices can be attached to the top.

Back view:
Build instructions

6-directional Moving Platform (7x7x7)

(By JS0)

This platform from frames can move in all directions. It's an evolution of the single-axle design above, and has an integrated axle position detection, which allows inertial navigation (tracking if it moved or not).

Back-left view:
Build instructions

4-directional Tunnel Boring Machine (5x5x5)

(By JS0)

This device can be used to mine 5 (or more) blocks at any plane, in spiral. It uses Chickenbones' Wireless Control (WRCBE) and two motors directed by screwdrivers, so it can be build early in the game (as an alternative to quarry), and operated either manually, with logic or control. Unlike the moving platforms, this device can't automatically reset itself if it tries to go into wrong direction.

Build instructions

Big Wheel

(By JS0)

I have seen Stratagerm's escalator concept on YT, so I decided to build a big wheel (we call them Russian wheels) based on the same idea:
How to build it is pretty self-explanatory, I think. (This is also known as a Ferris wheel).

Direwolf20's Let's Play series Frame Quarry

Part 1 (Season 4 - Episode 37)

Part 2 (Season 4 - Episode 38)

7x7 TBM using Frame Tubes

(By namAehT (TheAJGman))

external image y2gAO.png
This TBM lays a 5x5 tunnel behind it as it goes. Because of this, there is no reverse feature. If you want to get it out of the ground for re-positioning, you need to manually extract it or rebuild.
external image Tnu7B.png
The 7x7 block breaker head
external image mrnPu.png
Storage (note, this section does not need to be enclosed unless you plan on digging without a tunnel).
external image Zu10X.png
Standard issue Inchworm Drive. The NOT gate is hooked up to the timer because the motor sometimes wont receive its signal when moved into its path.
Not in picture: timer on the other side that is hooked up to the block breaker head.
external image cjqHp.png
The logic behind an optional cobble gen which would be used for ocean/nether tunneling. The item detector auto-kills the cobble gen when the deployers are full.

Snappybean's Cube (omnidirectional tunnel boring machine)

Writeup on the Minecraft Forums