The update history of Redpower Mod by Eloraam.

Original update history on Redpower's forum topic:
Redpower topic

RP2 releases on:

RP2 PR6:

New Features

  • Kinetic Generators and Wind Power
  • Canvas Bags
  • Seed Bags
  • Blulectric Engines
  • 10kV wires and Transformers
  • Frame Tubes
  • Managers and Sortrons
  • Inverted and Decorative Lamps
  • Project Table Plans
  • Decorative basalt blocks
  • Battery boxes retain charge when broken
  • Liquid API support
  • Charging Bench
  • Sorting Machine improvements
  • Sickle breaks leaves
  • Brick block uncrafting recipe

RP2 PR5b2:

Gigantic bugfix release

New Features

  • Added some achievements.
  • Support for Buildcraft oil.
  • Support for Railcraft/MCL minecarts.
  • Moss spreads.
  • Recycle fine wire, armor, tools.
  • Igniters can extinguish portals.
  • Independent output buffers for the Sorting Machine.
  • Added iron, tin, copper, silver nuggets.

General Bug Fixes

  • IConnectRedstone is now respected by redwire (fix for Railcraft connection).
  • Make use of the new MCL getItemsDropped() for minecarts.
  • Fixed bottom of thermopile texture.
  • Fixed jitter when near bedrock.
  • Deployers using screwdrivers
  • Fixed bad linksize computation.
  • Fixed frame sky excursion.
  • Fixed frames leaving loaded chunks.
  • SSP volcanos now generate properly.
  • Carts crashing into transposers now have a draining delay.
  • Sorting machine no longer loses the column.
  • Items bumping the input of the sorting machine are correctly sorted.
  • Fixed HD texture animations on Frame Motors.
  • Fortune on gems.
  • Fixed bug in Assembler filling water buckets, etc.
  • Boot disks now spawn in dungeon chests.
  • Battery boxes drop contents when broken.
  • Rubber tree leaves had the wrong light opacity.
  • Placed rubber leaves no longer decay.
  • Change the FORTH boot disk rarity.
  • Nugget merge recipes in alloy furnace.
  • Added jungle wood microblocks.
  • Made diamond blocks harder to cut.
  • Added a workaround for people who insist on setting the world time backwards.
  • Fixed issues with Redbus IDs over 127

Control Changes

  • Fixed KEY?
  • New Words: 0SP 2SWAP ( \ ” AT-XY
  • New words: >NAME NAME> DOES>
  • New words: U. / MOD U< U>
  • New words: PROBE TOP FREE
  • WORDS no longer clobbers the TOS.
  • TIB no longer overwrites SCRATCH.
  • CPU: Fixed interpretation of the E flag.
  • CPU: Add unsigned divide support (C=0), fix divide bugs.
  • CPU: C and Z flags are no longer swapped.
  • CPU: Added unsigned multiply support (C=0)
  • CPU: Fixed the carry flag for SBC.
  • ERASE is now called FORGET
  • TIBFIND is now called ‘
  • CPU loader no longer crashes when loading from a disk >64k
  • TIMES can now be used as a compiling word.
  • Make ALLOT smarter
  • Attempt at fixing mac enter keys in Control.

RP2 PR5b1:


  • Cleaned up Control. Now uses the translation table, fixed the disk being treated as a block instead of an item, etc.
  • Drives drop disks when broken.
  • Fixed SMP rendering bugs in Control.
  • The Assembler no longer crashes when multiple bundle-mode Assemblers are adjacent.
  • Screwdrivering pumps no longer crashes.
  • Frames are much less likely to crash with other mods, and will drop far fewer block types when moving.
  • Fixed the << word in MineOS.
  • Frame Motors no longer lose power on chunk reload.

RP2 PR5:

New Features

  • Added Frames and Frame Motors.
  • Logic rewrite with lots of new logic gates and new “mirror” modes.
  • Added RedPower Control computers.
  • Added Pumps, Fluid Pipes, and Grates.
  • Added the Ejector, Relay, and Assembler.
  • Basalt is now creeper-resistant and microblocks are explosion-resistant.
  • Added the Wool Card.
  • Removed the Array package.
  • Added the Athame.

Known Issues

  • Frames currently have some trouble moving things that need support. Levers are especially effected by this, as is anything with an active redstone state. This is caused by vanilla behavior, and while I have a planned solution, it isn’t ready yet. Expect this to improve in the future.
  • The OS for Control is currently very basic, and nearly undocumented. I hope to fix that in the future.
  • There may be certain small refresh glitches in SMP on chunk boundaries.
  • The Logic rewrite isn’t very compatible with the pr4 series. Logic tiles in inventories are going to get corrupted, and the current state, including rotation, will be lost on load, although they should convert tiles in world. This was unfortunately unavoidable.

RP2 PR4e:

New Features

  • Added Magtubes, Accelerators.
  • Added Restriction Tubes.
  • Added Igniter.
  • Added Regulator.
  • Added Blulectric Alloy Furnace.


  • Tubes no longer eject items, use a Transposer for deliberate ejection now.
  • Battery boxes can be powered with redstone to prevent discharge.
  • Retrievers now have sliding window.


  • Fixed the scheduler bugs.
  • Fixed the recipe for the Thermopile.
  • Fixed Deployer glitches.
  • Lots of other bugfixes backported from the pr5 branch.

RP2 PR4d:

New Features

  • Added the Project Table, an improved manual crafting table. This is not an automatic crafting table, please don’t ask me to make it into one.
  • Added the Thermopile, which generates power from a temperature differential across it. Now you can run your sorting setup in inconvenient locations.
  • Filters now have color tagging support.


  • Fixed the Deployer interacting with animals.
  • New recipe handling, which removes microblocks from the default recipe list and eliminates crafting lag.
  • No more glass jacketed wires.

RP2 PR4c


  • Improved damaged item comparisons.
  • Fixed counting bug in Filters, etc.
  • Fixed default coloring in empty Sorting Machines.
  • Back-ported the new Battery Box.

RP2 PR4b:

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed distribution distance rules.
  • Fixed colored stub tubes.
  • Fixed retriever pulling from bottom slots.Fixed retriever bounces dropping.
  • Fixed BT Battery and Indigo Paint recipes (ore dictionary support).
  • Fixed stuffing minecarts.
  • Fixed flax and nikolite drops.
  • Added support for Fortune enchants for mining nikolite.
  • Smelting iron bars and doors into ingots in the alloy furnace.
  • Nether brick and gemstone block microblocks.
  • Creative mode inventory population.

RP2 PR4:

Major New Features
  • New Blutricity energy net.
  • Added Battery Boxes.
  • Added Voltmeter.
  • Added Sorting Machine.
  • Added Retriever.
  • Added Buffer.
  • Added Paint Cans/Brushes.
  • Added Redstone Tubes.
  • Added partial support for Creative mode.

Known Issues
  • Blutricity power is a little “springy”. When you connect it, you’ll see line transients if you repeatedly measure with a voltmeter. This is normal.
  • There are probably issues with TMI. Don’t bother reporting them. I plan to fix TMI interaction in pr4b.
  • I have no idea what happens if you to enchant RP items.
  • Forge 1.2.0 has a bug with repair recipes. Just don’t use them with RP items. The next Forge version will fix this.

Bugs Fixed
  • Rubber trees now have a fast mode.
  • Fixed infinite backstuffing.
  • Fixed machine freezing.
  • Fixed covers on logic turning into cobble.
  • Fixed ore generation patterns.
  • Fixed a major loss of framerate in SMP with tubes.

RP2 PR3b:

Bugs Fixed
  • Stuffed up transposer pulls unlimited items.
  • Fixed North/South distribution in Tubes.
  • Outer sides of new microblock faces can now support torches, etc.
  • No more dark item rendering.
  • More helpful autoassign error.
  • Make the inventory tweak pickier.
  • Fixed bugs in item ID assignment.

RP2 PR3:

Major new features
  • Tubes now alternate between valid same-length destinations, allowing fair item distribution.
  • Rubberwood Covers
  • A preview version of Blutricity.
  • A non-colored bundled cable.
  • Transposers and Filters can insert or extract from storage minecarts.
  • New Item Detector block.
  • Ore Dictionary support.
  • Transposer passive actions switch off when powered, allowing the Transposer to be used as a valve.
  • A major secret feature.

Known Issues
  • Some recipes are temporary, and a few have changed.
  • Game balance is still not finalized.
  • Volcanos and Rubber Trees are still using an even distribution.
  • Creative Mode is still not supported. RedPower blocks can’t be broken in creative mode.
  • The Blutricity energy network loses too much power and has too much line sag.
  • A small save change will make jacketed wires in inventory invalid. Jacketed wires in the world will be fine.

Bugs Fixed
  • Spilling items around full chests.
  • Basalt covers preview as bedrock
  • Bad ejection positions
  • Filters accepting blocks backwards.
  • Items entering stuffed up transposer.
  • Not filtering on the sucking cone?
  • Can disable silver, tin, copper generation
  • Add a “autoAssign” option to the config file, to prevent the IDs from wandering.
  • Fix tube item visibility in SMP.
  • Fix a few cases where tube contents would not be saved.
  • Somehow it’s possible to get opposing wires in the same block.

RP2 PR2b:

Bugs Fixed
  • Duplication bug with filter on a chest with single items.
  • Losing the item inside a filter when broken.
  • Panel placement failing.
  • Multiple tube placement eats tubes.
  • TileTube is missing a mapping on server.
  • Diamonds get renamed to emeralds (you will have to delete redpower.lang from your config directory for this to be fixed).
  • Breaking rubber saplings creates items that crash.
  • Hollow covers and tubes.
  • Missed a texture case with custom-textured jacketed.
  • Bundle colors are getting mixed up.
  • Shears on rubber leaves drop the wrong block.

RP2 PR2:

Major new features
  • The Filter has been added, and tube routing has been completed. This should make Machine quite usable now.
  • The Deployer is an almost complete rewrite, and can do almost anything a player can. This includes using buckets, throwing eggs, and many other things.
  • SMP support! Relatively untested, so there may be bugs.
  • Re-modularized the release.
  • Fixed a mess of bugs.
  • New config system should automatically resolve ID conflicts from now on.
  • Fixed TMI issues.

Known issues
  • The Forge ore dictionary isn’t done yet, so it will still generate its own ores.
  • There are still game balance issues.
  • This version is save-incompatible with RP2pr1. The save format should be stable now, though, so future versions should remain compatible.
  • Microblocks can’t be broken in Creative mode. This isn’t a simple bug, but a major architectural change in 1.8.1. I’m working on it, but it’ll be a bit before I can fix it.
  • Panels are currently broken.
  • In certain cases, tubes get used up without placing.
  • The Filter has an item duplication bug.

RP2 PR1:

Release notes
This is ALPHA GRADE software. It is positively FULL of bugs. More than that, Prerelease 2 will change the way RedPower is configured, so unless you’re very careful to update your config files when that happens, your PR1 saves will be corrupted upon load in PR2.
This is a prerelease version of RedPower 2. It comes complete with all the things in RP1, plus World and Machine. A lot of things have changed, and much of it is undocumented. Recipe book is probably a good idea.
You make wafers by baking smooth stone in a furnace, and red alloy can only be made with an alloy furnace. Try to make a furnace with brick blocks to get one.
I have every intention of making RedPower 2 modular, but there’s still a lot of work going on internally that will make that rather difficult, at least for the time being. And a small technical hiccup has broken SMP, but I’ll have that sorted for PR2 also.
EDIT: Yes, I know that it might be interacting badly with item spawners like TMI right now. That’s just a side-effect of the code that I didn’t finish for PR2.


  • Fixed crash when Wiring is not installed.
  • Redwires no longer placing on hollow covers.
  • Timers resetting on chunk load or player entry or something.
  • Repeaters now have the right connection sides.
  • Changing the input states of a tile updates neighbors again.
  • Jacketed wires render properly next to levers.
  • Jacketed wires no longer accept indirect power.
  • Fixed bad caching in SMP.
  • Can no longer burn RP items in furnace.
  • Jacketed wire cover placements fixed.
  • Hollow slabs block jacketed wires properly.
  • Wires pop off covers when the covers are upgraded to wire blocks.
  • Things breaking from unloaded chunks in SMP.
  • Underwater placement
  • Fixed and improved screwdriver.
  • Jacketed cables.


  • New types of subblocks: panels, slabs, corners, strips
  • New wire type: jacketed.
  • New materials: pumpkin, snow.
  • Exterior corners through empty covered blocks.
  • Added inventory refill feature.
  • Added saws.
  • Added repeater tile.
  • Added placement assist.
  • Added Array pack.
  • Torches, rails, ladders, etc on the outside of covers/panels/slabs.
  • Removed the converter
  • Cobblestone covers accept wires again
  • Fixed the initialPlace bug again
  • Tougher screwdriver
  • Screwdrivers no longer stack
  • Empty blocks should vanish now
  • Relax placement on free-standing cover plates.
  • Fixed some desyncs between client and server.
  • Reduce the range of the updater on bundled cables.
  • Cache connection state for speed.
  • Placement is now sensitive to clicked side.
  • Breaking texture on lamps and logic tiles fixed.
  • Lamps cast shadows.
  • Side connections on lamps.
  • Fixed placement crash when player=null.
  • Torches on RS and AND gate fixed.
  • Fixed missing chunk dirty flag.


  • IR tiles on any surface.
  • Make IR tiles a little weaker.
  • Crashes with wires near furnaces fixed.
  • Fixed rotation of tops and bottoms.
  • Lighting error on tops.
  • Allow exterior corners through water.
  • Fix inside cover lighting.
  • Glass cover plate edges no longer transparent when covered by other cover plate.
  • Add live textures for insulated wires.
  • Fixed initialPlace crash.
  • Fix redwire/redstone connection.
  • Colored bundles.
  • Fixed crash when creating wire at external corner.
  • Added lamps.
  • Added two-pass rendering for lamps.
  • Free-standing cover plates.
  • Breaking texture on cover plates.
  • Sneak disables GUIs.
  • No more item sprite overrides.
  • Added a screwdriver to rotate tiles.
  • New Covers: Dirt, Books, Clay, Netherrack, Logs, Soul Sand, Slab, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Wool, Lapis.
  • Levers and buttons connect on any side.
  • Apparent connection changes when inputs disabled.
  • IR no longer indirectly powering from weak power.
  • IR now indirect powers.
  • Cover plates on IR circuits.
  • Improve RS nor latch.
  • Use RedPower rendering library for IR.
  • Improve IR Delays/Timings.
  • Don't send unnecessary data for bundles in SMP.
  • Make the converter work.
  • Added alternate crafting recipe for ingot.


  • IOException in packet handling fixed.
  • Loss of color in SMP fixed.
  • Wires to the back of the block with a button on it work now.
  • Connecting bundle to thinner cable externally no longer causes invisible faces.
  • Wires no longer become self-supporting on covers.
  • Short wires to torches work.
  • Wires near a door work reliably now.
  • Fixed crash when placing wires too close to IR circuits.
  • Wires up the side of a block next to pistons now power the pistons.
  • Repeaters work again.
  • Wires around torches work.
  • Fixed piston rendering glitch.
  • Built against the fixed RedPower.
  • Fixes IOExceptions in SMP.


  • First public release of Redpower.
  • Update to add compatibility with Redpower.
  • Smooth pointer motion.


  • Updated to 1.7.3.


  • Updated to 1.7.2.


  • Fixed the toggle latch.


  • Now uses only one block ID.
  • Added the crafting parts and reworked all recipes.
  • Logic gates with selectable inputs.
  • Added NOT, Buffer, Multiplexer, and Counter.
  • Improved network performance.
  • Improved the look and feel of the Timer.


  • Improved the wire connections
  • Added SMP support
  • Fixed MCE rendering
  • Improved the Sequencer
  • Major internal code improvements


  • Fixed bad placement
  • Improved a few minor visual effects.
  • Added XOR, XNOR, AND, OR.


  • Fixed bad lighting in icons.
  • Fixed timer stop when world time reverts.
  • Fixed time calculation for sequencer.
  • Changed default IDs
  • Renamed the toggle block to latch.
  • Minor graphical fix.
  • Timers turn off the center torch when powered.
  • Added EnableSounds to the config file.
  • Now uses no terrain sprites.
  • Added new tiles.


  • Removed the ModLoaderMp dependency.