A collection of quotes from Eloraam containing information about RedPower 2.

On future plans for RedPower 2

  • That's usually what "no comment" means. Generally I just don't want all the guessing and excitement to get too far ahead of my development. I sorta learned my lesson about that with pr5 - remember how long you all waited for Frames? I have technology planned all the way into tech 4 now, but if I spoiled them all, then you'd be too busy anticipating technology from next year instead of playing with the cool things in the latest release.
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Lasers in RedPower 2

  • The lasers mod (which was in its very infancy when I first started tinkering with lasers, which was originally planned to be the next thing after Wiring) is quite different from my plans. I don't plan to have any "active" lasers, except for possibly a high-powered burning laser (maybe). Instead, lasers are a form of short-range wireless signalling and are really intended to support puzzle and challenge maps.

  • This series of little puzzle games ate my life for many weeks. It's terribly addictive. Most of my plans for RP Laser are very similar to the components of that game - lasers in red, green, and blue (which is why I added the 3 gems), mirrors to reflect beams (one of the first intended uses of silver), beamsplitters, frequency-shifting crystals, prisms. In addition to that, I plan to allow the laser blocks to be used as sensors, by interrupting and/or reflecting the beams. I don't have *all* the details worked out yet, but my current thinking is that you can sense mobs by interrupting the beam, sense blocks by retroreflections, etc. That should give them some survival uses, in addition to the many interesting challenge maps I can imagine.
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Tech level of Motors

  • Motors are definitely tech 2. I'm not sure there's much point to stocking up on CPUs - they'll be much later in the tech tree but also much cheaper. I won't describe the process of making refined silicon, other than to say you'll need some machines to do it, but the tech 3 barriers are going to work much like the tech 2 barriers (like the drawplate) - expensive and complicated to get the first time, but the resulting tech 3 blocks won't actually be insanely expensive. The diamond block is just a balancing factor to get around the problem that you can currently build them with tech1 components.
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The role of Tungsten

  • It will be impossible to reach tech 3 without tungsten. I won't be more specific yet, but tungsten forms a key part of much of the next segment of the tech tree.
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Make framemotors that move with the frames

  • There are many technical limitations that make this exceptionally difficult. It may happen *eventually*, but not for a long time.

Other ways of power generation than Thermopiles and Solarcells

  • New power generation is one of the first things I'm working on once I get back to creating new content instead of just fixing pr5. I won't say too much yet, other than to say that it's coming.
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  • I'm actually thinking about adding an RTG (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator) at some point, when I actually add some sort of radioactive materials. It'll be big, hideously expensive, and it'll produce the barest trickle of power (compare a single solar panel, maybe a little less). On the flipside, it'll run forever and in any conditions. Rather like the real-world version of them (which run for decades without changing the fuel pack).
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  • Well, technically windmills are the only ones I actually have planned. Water… I’m nervous about anything perpetual.

  • ...and they will actually be visible too. Not just blocks :D
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Additional in-World UI Elements

  • These are Lumar buttons, a variant of the Iron Button that I was intending as part of RP Sensor. Now that Sensor is part of Logic, the development of future UI controls, like new buttons, levers, etc, isn't tied to the rest of that set.

Automated Crafting

  • The CNC Crafting Machine and the CNC Sorting Machine are planned, yes. "CNC" stands for Computer Numerical Control.
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  • ...the Crafting Machine isn't CNC. I'm really hoping to get it into the next non-bugfix release, but no promises.
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  • I'm working on the Crafting Machine, but it's an expensive, sophisticated machine, not a bench with gears glued on it (and call it steampunk! oh wait, wrong song).

  • And the Project Table is not it.
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  • Crafting Machine is Tech 2. Anything CNC is Tech 3.
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BUD switch

  • I think the BUD switch is a hack to avoid having to build the right kind of sensor for the job, in general. Since I plan to pretty much provide the right sensor for each thing you can sense in Minecraft, I don't really plan to add a BUD switch.
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65EL02 Speed

  • The constraints were chosen with servers in mind. I might tweak the performance tuning flags of the CPUs a little bit, to make them faster and/or make them boost more, but that's about it.
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  • The FORTH is pretty much as fast as assembly, so there's not much point to doing that. Make sure you have TICK in your wait, though, or the CPU will slow way down.

  • I promised people that RP Control wouldn't cripple their servers, even on mid-sized or large servers, so I made some tradeoffs. I may have erred on the conservative side - I'm considering boosting the speed, or possibly making it configurable - but I figured that where it is now is a good place to start.

  • It's worth noting that the interpreter is a lot slower than compiled FORTH code.

  • Something that'll help a lot with this is coming in a future version, when I finally get interrupt support working. You'll be able to set interrupt-on-change on the IO expander, and then your CPU will get woken when the event is triggered.
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