Frequently Asked Questions

First, have you also checked the Excessively Asked Questions list? It contains additional answers from Eloraam herself.


Q: Has Eloraam abandoned Redpower 2? She's stopped posting to the Minecraft Forums!

A: She's still active, as you can see from her Twitter account—follow @TheRealEloraam on Twitter. Also, she's appeared recently in direwolf20's YouTube videos, as well as other videos and streams of the ForgeCraft server.

You are seeing the difference between a full-time modder and one with a day job who can only work on their mod in their spare time. For many months during the early development of RedPower 2, Eloraam was essentially self-employed and working full-time on the mod. Things changed this summer when she got a regular job; this reduced the number of hours she could spend on the mod. One of the things she dropped was interacting on the Minecraft Forums, which is time-consuming with little benefit.

Q: Help, I installed RedPower 2 and it crashed Minecraft!

A: That's nice, dear.

We're not mindreaders. As Eloraam says, "Logs or it didn't happen."

Help us help you. We need to see the crash report. You need to see it too. If all you're getting is a black screen, you need to follow the steps on How to Get a Crash Report.

Once you have a crash report, first skim through it to see if anything jumps out at you. Yes, most of it looks like gibberish, but sometimes one line has a tip you need to read. Some examples:
  • java.lang.RuntimeException: RedPowerCore: BlockID 250 exists, autoAssign is disabled. [or other BlockID number]
  • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parse error
  • java.lang.RuntimeException: RedPowerCore: MinecraftForge Too Old, need at least 1.2.3 [or other version number]

These types of crash lines are telling you something. Either it's telling you the exact problem (MinecraftForge Too Old) or the message is discussed in the EAQ (Parse error and autoAssign is disabled).

You can solve these three issues without posting the crash report! If you do post a crash report caused by one of these things expect to be called a noob (or worse).

Have you checked that all the RedPower files are the same version? Version mismatches in the RedPower files are a surprisingly frequent cause of crashes.

Before posting a crash report, be sure that:
  • You've looked through the crash report and did't see anything obvious
  • You've checked that the versions of all the RedPower files match
  • You've done a Google search of the exception causing the crash without finding an answer

When posting your crash report there are two ways to do it: the noob way, and the pro way. Be a pro, follow the steps in Beginners guide to posting a crash log.

Q: I have a BlockID conflict? How do I resolve it?
A: Seriously? You can describe your problem that specifically but you don't know how to find an answer?

The easiest way is to see the EAQ entry for “autoAssign is disabled” (NOTE: Don't change autoAssign for an existing map! You did back up your worlds, right?)

Another way to resolve it is to use the NEI mod. It has a feature to list BlockIDs to find unassigned IDs.

There are other ways, too. It's not clear which way is best, thus the "find an answer" link. The good news is that in a few months the mod API Mojang's working on should make ID conflicts go away.

Q: My install isn't working! Howcome? I did everything right!!!1!!!one!

A: No, had you done everything right it would have worked. Mod installation is quite tricky and it's really easy to slip up—that's why Mojang is working to make it easier.

It's okay if you made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes. It's better to spend time trying to find and fix your mistake than to insist that you didn't make one. After all, the only one who's going to fix your install is you—people are willing to help, but most aren't willing to come do the install for you.

If it doesn't work, start over from a fresh .jar. Take it slowly. Make sure you understand the directions and follow them carefully. Relax, you can do this.

Q: I'm too lazy to download 7 (or 14) separate files, can we get a single download?

A: Not now, although Eloraam may provide one in the future. Instead of changing her release tools wouldn't you rather have Eloraam work on new content?

In the longer term the issue will go away because Mojang intends to handle mod selection and installation in the client. Thus it's likely that any changes Eloraam makes to her release tools now will be obsolete in just a few months.

Q: How do I get a signal to a Redstone Tube? Red Alloy Wire won't connect to it.

A: Run Red Alloy Wire to a block adjacent to the tube, then use a piece of Jacketed Wire.

Q: Will you/Are you planning to implement X?

A: Obvious features are obvious. Some features, such as making it possible to place tubes, wires, etc. inside Frames, are requested repeatedly as if nobody else has thought of it.

Eloraam has said that embedding into Frames is coming, along with Hybrid cable (combined Red and Blue Alloy Wire).

RedPower 2 is still in pre-release. If you come up with a feature that you think should be added, please search first to see if the feature has already been requested. Check the Collected Wisdom page for quotes by Eloraam regarding certain oft-requested features.

Q: Why isn't the screwdriver working?

A: Try both right clicking and crouch-right clicking (shift-right clicking). Screwdriver behavior changed with PR5. Some items only respond to one or the other type of click.

In PR6 a bug exists in that screwdrivers cannot be used to change ids on Control blocks, eg Sortrons, IO Expanders. This will be fixed in the next update/bug fix.

Is your Sonic Screwdriver charged? Recharge it by placing a fully-charged battery into your taskbar and right-clicking it (the battery). The battery may need to be adjacent to your Sonic Screwdriver.

Q: Can we have a LUA interpreter for Control?

A: Sure, go ahead and write one! Keep in mind that according to wikipedia "the full reference interpreter is only about 150 kB compiled." Have fun fitting that into the 64 kB available in a maxed out 65EL02.

LUA is a modern scripting language which needs fast CPUs and more RAM than was available in 8-bit systems in the 1980s.

People who ask for LUA don't understand the ramifications of having an 8-bit CPU. If you really need LUA, use ComputerCraft.

Q: This is such an awesome mod! What can I do to help Eloraam and the mod's users?

A: There are many ways you can help:
  • Answer questions on the mod's topic on Minecraft Forum
  • Edit or add to the wiki
  • Make a tutorial video
  • Make a donation (there's a PayPal donate button on the first page of the topic on the Minecraft Forum)
  • Write an example program in Forth, publish the source and describe how it works
  • Write a blog about some aspect of RedPower 2, or something you built with it
  • Tweet about RedPower 2
  • Use one of the RedPower 2 banners in your sig

Q: Still more about TMI...

A: Why are you bothering with it when NEI is so much better? When asked if TMI is compatible, Eloraam replied, "No. Use Chickenbones' NEI instead. It's much better anyway."

Q: Help, stuff is sticking to/falling off my Frames!

A: Cut up some Panels and Covers and put them on your Frames. Use Panels on Frames where you want wires, Logic gates, etc. to stick. Covers are like Teflon, use them where you want Frames to slip.

Q: My Tubes are all jammed, nothing's moving! Is this a bug?

A: Did you change the world time? In particular, did it go backwards, say from a mistake in a "/time set" command? Note that restarting after a game crash will set the time back a bit. Just wait a few minutes and things should clear up.

If you didn't mess with the world time, then jams usually happen when there are no valid destinations for items because the receiving inventories are full. Did the receiving machines stop running due to lack of power?

If you break a machine and jammed items drop out it means they got backstuffed to that originating machine because there was no destination for them. You can often diagnose the problems caused by backstuffing by placing an empty chest next to the tube system. Watching the items travel to the newly-available destination can help you spot where the jam-up took place.

You can prevent jamming and backstuffing by placing an overflow chest and connecting it to your Tube network with a
Restriction Tube. Since Restriction Tubes are seen to have very long path lengths by the Tube routing algorithm, items will only go to the overflow chest when there's nowhere else for them to go.

Q: I registered on and applied to join the RedPower wiki, why haven't I been approved?

A: You may need to reapply. When applying, please indicate your Minecraft Forum username in the comment box along with a mention of the contribution you plan to make. Note that applications with empty comment boxes or useless 'derp' comments will be rejected.

If you confirmed your email address with Wikispaces you will receive an email notification when your request is approved or rejected.

Q: I just installed RedPower and am playing an old world. Will I see the RedPower ores, gems, volcanos, rubber trees, and flowers?

A: RedPower items will only get placed when chunks are created, so you need to visit unexplored regions of your world.

Q: What's coming next in RedPower 2? Is there a roadmap?

A: Lately Eloraam keeps her cards pretty close to her vest. The best source of information is to read Eloraam's Twitter feed or watch Direwolf20's youtube videos.

She also posts info to her blog, and sometimes reveals plans in the comments.

Some of her messages are reproduced on the Collected Wisdom page.

Q: When I pull an item with my multiple Retriever system, the items end up at the wrong Retriever! Is this a bug?

A: Once a Retriever pulls an item into the tube network, all accessible Retrievers are flagged as valid destinations and tube routing rules take over. Remember, tube routing has two simple rules:
  1. Routing in RedPower tubes selects the closest valid destination.
  2. Color tags keep wrong-colored items out.

Old FAQ from V1.7.1

The following are frequently asked questions and the answers to them:

Q: "TMI doesn't work".
A: You'll see the lower 16 cover plates and no wires in TMI. This is normal!

The wires you are looking for are using damage values above 15, which TMI
cannot read.

While I can't link directly to the patch for legal reasons, I *can* link to
this very helpful forum post:

Q: "Will you do a Bukkit version".
It's done and released. If you have strange bugs, don't blame me.

Also, DO NOT port it yourself without asking me. I won't be able to allow you
to release it, and all you will accomplish is setting it back further.

I've had to refuse ports on two separate occasions because of this.

Q: "I have another bug to report".
Here's what to do: Put the contents of modloader.txt inside a spoiler on the
forum. Do not send me a PM about bugs. Also, if you can find a way of
reproducing the bug, that's even better.