Jacketed Wire

Jacketed wires are self-supporting and will "stitch" to regular alloy wires
There may be cases where you want or need to run power without walls or blocks. This is where jacketed wires come into [[#|play]]. They allow for free-standing placement of wires and are self-supporting. It is possible to create jacketed wires using any material that can be cut into covers.
It can be connected ("stitched") to regular wires on a surface by [[#|placing]] a piece of Red Alloy Wire on the surface you want it to connect to.

Jacketed Cable

Jacketed cables are also self-supporting and will only "stitch" to non-colored bundled cable.
It is also possible to create jacketed [[#|cable bundles]] in addition to the normal red alloy wire.
Jacketed cables are the self-supporting version of bundled cables. They do not require a surface to sit upon. They can be made from any material that can be cut into covers and an uncolored bundled cable in [[#|the center]]. It cannot be crafted from colored cables. It will also only connect ("stitch") to a surface with an uncolored cable.