Redpower Array

This module of Redpower adds several more advanced parts and logic circuits.


Stone Redwire is a more advanced version of the Stone Wire and will be used in the array logic circuits.

The second more complicated part added by the Array Module is the Plate Assembly which is currently used in the Invert Cell and Non-Invert Cell.

Array Circuits
A Null Cell:
Allows two redstone signals to cross a single block without interfering.

An Invert Cell:
Has two possible input sides and two output sides; the lower wire is the controlling one and the upper wire is the controlled one. When lower wire is not powered, upper one gets powered (thus acting as UPPER OR NOT LOWER)

A Non-Invert Cell:
Allows for input to be supplied to both the upper and lower wires. When lower wire gets powered, upper one gets powered too, thus acting like OR.'