Redpower Lighting introduces coloured lamp blocks into Minecraft.

They are useful for lights - of course - and from things like warning signals and [[#|lighting]] up parts of machines to [[#|LED displays]] on complex [[#|computers]]. (Like this one)

Firstly, you must craft Lumar like so:


Just place your dye with a piece of redstone and a pinch of glowstone dust, and you'll get the lumar of that colour, all 16 of them! (Even black ones, somehow.)

Types of Lighting Blocks

As of PR6, there are now six types of [[#|lighting]] blocks you can craft.

Note: These lamps do not emit "coloured light" as such, they merely emit normal light, the block itself is a certain colour. Actual coloured light would require a large change in the game's coding.

I. Standard lamp

A standard lamp block is off (not emitting light) until a redstone signal is applied.


II. Inverted lamp

An inverted lamp block is on unless a redstone signal is applied.


III. Cage lamp

This gives the appearance of a light commonly found in an industrial setting, with a protective wire cage. It is off until a redstone signal is applied.


IV. Inverted cage lamp

As above, but on unless a signal is applied.


V. Fixture

A smaller lamp that sits proud of a surface. Is off until a signal is applied.


VI. Inverted fixture

As above, but on unless a signal is applied.