Things to be done

Prerelease 6 Items:

Ensure there are no links to nonexistent pages

Links to pages that haven't been created yet cause unregistered users and non-members to see a misleading error message. Please create at least a stub page when you link to a page that doesn't currently exist. This is particularly important for sidebar links.

Pages need to be filled

Redpower Wiring
Saw - done - Niko113355 Niko113355 Jun 19, 2012
Red Alloy - done - Niko113355 Niko113355 Jun 20, 2012
Red Alloy Wire - done - Niko113355 Niko113355 Jun 19, 2012
Insulated Wire - done - Niko113355 Niko113355 Jun 20, 2012
Bundled Cable
Coloured Bundled Cables
Jacketed Wire
Jacketed Cable

Redpower Logic
NOR Gate - done! Done by: - Exhelah Exhelah
OR Gate - done! Done by: - Exhelah Exhelah
NAND Gate - done! Done by: - Exhelah Exhelah
AND Gate - done! Done by: - Exhelah Exhelah
XNOR Gate - done! Done by: - Exhelah Exhelah
Buffer Gate - done! Done by: - Exhelah Exhelah
RS Latch
Toggle Latch
Timer - done - Niko113355 Niko113355 Jun 17, 2012
Pulse Former
Redpower World
Gems or Gem Ores
Copper Ore - Same deal as with Tin Ore. - Vattic Vattic Aug 5, 2012
Copper Ingot
Copper Nugget
Tin Ore - Got the basic page done but we still need a smelting template (work is in progress), I'm not sure of the natural occurrence beyond "underground", and I don't know the blast resistance. - Vattic Vattic Aug 5, 2012
Tin Ingot
Tin Nugget
Basalt - Started but may need more detail (Kennytehnerdfighter)
-------------Did some more work on this, made it look like a mcwiki block page. Still needs some work. - Vattic Vattic Jul 29, 2012
-------------Just need to know the blast resistance - Vattic Vattic Aug 3, 2012
Marble - Just need to know the blast resistance - Vattic Vattic Aug 3, 2012

Im working on it sorry i havent been around to finishing it ive been busy but ill fix all the missing pages and fill them with correct info - SPARKST3R SPARKST3R
it's completely fine! i'm just making this convenient checklist to follow along... that is all.- Niko113355 Niko113355 Jun 17, 2012


Wikispaces doesn't support Mediawiki's concept of Templates with Parameters. (What Wikispaces calls a Template is just the ability to paste previously saved text.) This huge weakness is an issue because Templates with parameters are the best way to do recipe, smelting, and information blocks as is done on the official Minecraft wiki.

On Wikispaces real templating is possible via Javascript hacks. See if we can get permission to use EE's templating code. If unable to get an answer, use it anyway with attribution ("It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission" -Grace Hopper)

Editing CSS is not an option. The capability to edit the CSS on a wiki is part of the Custom Themes feature which is not available on free wikis.
  • I thought so... I wanted to make a hide/show button for the Table of Content for each page, BUT i managed to do it with javascript! You can actualy embed javascript into pages and you can check what i did here - Niko113355 Niko113355 Jun 20, 2012

Alternatively we could use this tool that I've been making.
- Vattic Vattic May 25, 2012

That's epic. I can give you a lot of RP2-pics (in 32x32) i've made a few weeks ago. (for the minecraft wiki page) but some do not have a transparent background, they have a grey one because i cut them out of screenshots. I can put them into a zip file and upload them here or in Dropbox. should I? - stertingen stertingen May 26, 2012

Cheers. If you upload them I can put them to good use. Likely be easy enough to automatically remove the backgrounds if it comes to it.
- Vattic Vattic May 26, 2012

Control Pages 1338039447]==Control page== The [[RedPower Control|Control page should be spilt up into (at least) three pages. The current Control page should have a short overview and then the list of recipes. Both the Forth info and the 65EL02 CPU (with Hawk77's excellent info) should have their own pages.
  • First version of Forth Dictionary added and linked into Redpower Control.
    Finished roughly 95% by now and still hoping it gets polished by other contributors (squinting @ BloodyRain2k xDD), 'cause some words still lack a description. Still volunteers for proof reading needed ^^
    Also started with moving it to new MineOS 1.1 by adding the most important functions (the block editor ones, for example). - SillyBits SillyBits May 21, 2012
  • I agree, I kind of braindumped and the page got pretty big. Splitting it up into a few smaller pages would be great. - Hawk777 Hawk777 May 20, 2012
  • ATTENTION the control page will ultimately be deleted and split up into sub-pages please do not edit the Control page untill the relevent page is created and set-up, wont take too long also dont worry no info will be deleted just split up - SPARKST3R SPARKST3R
    Sparkstar, what's the current status on the Control page? Now that Eloraam stated that forth-hacking is ok, a tool similar to JS0's python script is eagerly waiting of being published ^^ - SillyBits SillyBits May 25, 2012
  • I have now completed the splitting myself. - Hawk777 Hawk777 Dec 31, 2012

Machine Page

Many of the items from Prerelease 4e need documentation, as well as the new things from Prerelease 5.
  • Just finished adding Pre4 machines. Put the Accelerator with the other tubes despite it being blulectric. I don't know the technical details of the blu alloy furnace. If anyone does that would be great. - Vattic Vattic May 20, 2012
  • We now need all the Pre6 machines. - Vattic Vattic Jan 20, 2013
    • Made a start and added the new sorting machine modes. - Vattic Vattic Jan 20, 2013

  • At the rate we are going the machine page is going to be huge; It might be worth figuring out a better way to display the information. It could be split up with one central hub on the machine page? - Vattic Vattic Jan 20, 2013


We need a new logo graphic for the header -- the name Integrated Redstone has been obsolete for a long time. It should probably say Eloraam's RedPower 2.
  • There are a number of decent RP2 signatures that could be tweaked for this purpose. I suggest we make it less tall than the current one as it takes up valuable space. - Vattic Vattic May 20, 2012
  • Tried making a logo(Scaled down as to prevent page format from derping, full size 190x160)
external image log1o.png- SPARKST3R SPARKST3R


Ideally we'd change the URL to match the name in the new logo, but I'm skittish about the impact on old links. One never wants to create broken links.
  • plus, all the links inside the wigets I created, and thats recipes, smelting, item properties, and many more wont't work any more, and that tons of dead links! it's possible to change them but it will take a long time, and will ne a pain... BUT the sooner we do the change the smaller the pain will be.- Niko113355 Niko113355
  • To prevent broken links we can change things like:src=""
    to :
    inside of our javascript widgets.- xtank5 xtank5

Clean up navigation bar

The main navigation bar is tricky to well.. navigate
Needs all HTML cleaning up
and all missing pages created and filled with the correct information
  • I cleaned it a little bit, added some new graphics (gray squere and circle dots), fixed some of the links there, corently every thing in there is a widget (html code) so editing will be difecult for others. - Niko113355 Niko113355

There has been some mess up - someone change the link to Sample Circuits into a different link. Also, could we make a page for machinery builds? I would like to add the treecapitator and maybe a battery charger designs to it.


EAQ page

The EAQ page here shouldn't exist. The one true EAQ is found on Eloraam's blog. This mirrored copy may be outdated compared to Eloraam's EAQ, and the EAQ here now contains entries that don't exist in the official EAQ. The added entries should be removed and placed here either in the FAQ or Collected Wisdom pages and the EAQ page removed and links changed to point to the official EAQ.

Clean nav bar

Niko113355 Added better looking bullet points