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In case you guys didn't know, the Recipe Template is officially available for use. Check the RecipeTemplateHelp page to learn how to use it, and go here to complain. - Akamaru12307 Akamaru12307 Feb 5, 2013

I added more logic gates: XNOR and Buffer, and I'm working on the RS Latch. I also realized that my new tree farm circuit doesn't work. It plants the tree again before the state cell activates, so it's completely pointless. And with 1.5 bone meal will be nerfed, so that's a down as well. :( - Exhelah Exhelah

Updated FORTH dictionary with MineOS v1.2. MineOS v1.2 has 2 flavours. Disk block handling was removed from the Standard version but retained in the Extended version. Sortron support was added to the Extended version. The Extended version identifies itself as XP. Also added double word equality operators to Control Library. Sortrons identify an item with a unique double word value. - loosewheel loosewheel Jan 26, 2013

I added multiple Logic Gates: The NOR Gate, the OR Gate, the NAND Gate, and the AND Gate. EDIT: I'm using paint.NET to copy/paste the separate PNG files for the wafer, stone wire, etc. onto the crafting template to create the recipies. Also I added a Tree Farm Circuit on the Sample Circuits Page. UPDATE: I added the self-resetting circuit and a new tree farm (my testworld broke). - Exhelah Exhelah

Adding to bellow: I updated it so that I can handle the different headings and will indent the list correctly even if someone nests them weirdly (h2 followed by h6, h5, h2 for example).- Vattic Vattic Aug 4, 2012
I'm not a big fan of the table of contents provided by wikispaces but love Niko113355's hand made one on the Redpower Wiring page. I set myself the task of making a script that generates them so we wouldn't have to keep editing them every time a new section is added to a page. Finally got some decent results (preview). Paste this into a widget where you want the TOC box and see. Are there any features you'd like to see? - Vattic Vattic Aug 3, 2012

The MineUIis publicly available now. But currently, only with a direct link in my sig @ MC-Forums, the official RP2 thread or via my youtube demo video. Yet no idea on where to link it ... Builds and tuts, Forth dict, Control lib, .... endless possibilities. I let you guys decide on where to link it xDDD - SillyBits SillyBits Jun 23, 2012

Big update on Forth dictionary. Moved some words between sections and adjusted formatting on example code(s).
Also tried to correct those major bugs some people complained about by analyzing the plain forth image once again (nearly 3700 lines of dumped forth code, yikes) - SillyBits SillyBits Jun 16, 2012

Updated the Collected Wisdom page which is becoming the best source for what's in the future for RedPower 2. - Stratagerm Stratagerm May 28, 2012

Added my image file dumper to the 'Forth Boot Disk' section of 'Control'. Its similar to JS0's python script, but based on Java (my first java thingy xDDD) and capable of dumping both disk images and binary files. Still in an early stage, but functionality will increase over time. Compatible with MineOS 1.0 and up. - SillyBits SillyBits May 26, 2012

I added a Python program to decompile MineOS image and various programs for Control I wrote. I also plan to add some frame stuff. Feel free to bugfix the programs, but if you make larger changes, please let me know. Also,. the new pages I added at the bottom of Control need rename to add space, I was a noob when I did it. - JS0 JS0 May 25, 2012

Approved some requests to join. Rejected around 6 requests with empty comment fields. - Stratagerm Stratagerm May 22, 2012

Linked Forth Dictionary into Redpower Control and removed existing list of word.
Still wanted: Volunteers for proof reading and error checking ^^ - SillyBits SillyBits May 21, 2012

Project Table just finished. I can do it for almost every block for RedPower, but I will not post every new block-page here (if anyone dont want me to do ist, just say it). I can hardly (not) edit the navi, so the project table is still not there. - stertingen stertingen May 19, 2012

Just finished handling all outstanding membership requests. Approved a few more, mass rejected most. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki and have been rejected, please re-apply and be sure to indicate your Minecraft Forum username in the comment box, along with a mention of the contribution you plan to make.

Non-members should now be able to comment and make discussion posts, so there should be less need for membership.
- Stratagerm Stratagerm May 19, 2012

A number of membership requests claim that they can't see the wiki. I don't see how this could be, it's set to Protected - Everyone can view pages, but only members of this wiki can edit pages. Private wikis aren't even an option without paying.

I have made one configuration change, though: I've checked Allow discussion posts and comments from non-members.
- Stratagerm Stratagerm May 19, 2012

Over the last few days I've approved a number of wiki applications.
- Stratagerm Stratagerm May 19, 2012

Some new changes and fixes (Redpower Wiring section)

  • made a lot of fixing on the Redpower Wiring section, added a bounch of images, sorted the text, added to new recipes for re-coloring wires and cables and I updated the red alloy smelting recipe- Niko113355 Niko113355 Jun 17, 2012